Links Heard Round the World

In this links round-up, we look at President Obama’s recent turn toward prolific writer… something tells me he plans an active, highly public post-presidency.  
The Harvard Law Review recently accepted an article he has written about the President’s role in criminal justice reform. It’s here:
The highly regarded journal “Science” accepted an article President Obama has written, titled, “The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy.”
President Obama also has 10 different Quora answers here:
Of course there’s his twitter account @BarackObama, where most tweets are by Organizing for America, but ones signed -bo are by President Obama. If you want. Honestly, Twitter’s pretty shallow. I didn’t get much out of reading the last year’s worth of tweets. I guess he feels the same way, given he didn’t write very many of the tweets. 
If you want a hard-hitting look at what President Obama thinks his successor needs to do with respect to economic policy, you can see here:
Or you can read an article he wrote in the November issue of Wired:


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